I spent over 60 hours of work on this painting- which is mixed media -I started out with a base coat of spray paint followed by many layers of Acrylic. The canvas measures 36X48 inches or 3X4 feet. The style is called bio-organic (Influenced by Biomech) However I used no reference for this painting. This came from my consciousness as a vision, I just let it flow and become what it is. Not all of my paintings occur through this process. I created this at a turning point in my life; when i really started pouring my heart and soul into my artwork with conviction. It represents growth and determination in an undeniably harsh environment. This painting is a piece of me trying to progress and overcome; to take root and grow from what i have experienced and to go forth to travel the wider unknown. There is so much i could say about this piece but i will leave it up to the viewer to decide what it makes them feel/see/what it means to them. Thanks for looking at my artwork. If you would like to comission me for a painting please fill out a email form on my "contact" page.

 Thank You -KF-


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